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The Red Rope and I have been going places the last few weeks.

I spent a week overseas sharing with some friends who are working with the Holy Spirit to encourage networks of house-churches. We’re talking 100’s of house-churches. Lovely people. Like Christians who are trying to serve him everywhere they each had their personal battles to remain encouraged. We worshiped Jesus together, prayed together, prayed for them as individuals and couples and heard the Holy Spirit’s whispers for each other. It was a powerful time and really encouraging for those of us Brits who were there serving them.

There was so much ministry going on but I took some red cord and labels because I felt I should share the Red Rope idea with them as one of the sessions – and it was not possible to take the large rope on the flights. As I have said here before, the point is not the physical red rope but that we all connect together to the real red rope (Jesus’ blood) in the heavenly realms (Hebrews 9 explains what is real and how worship symbols connect us as we have faith to that which we cannot see…).

I had in mind to have session with the adults to share the need to pray regularly, by name and fervently for each of those we are trying to introduce to the Lord Jesus. It was going to a quiet time of profound and careful prayer. But the Holy Spirit had other plans!!

As the session started it became clear that all the children (quite a few of them in each of these families… all different ages from very small to older teens) were going to be part of the session. We were singing all age songs, playing games, it was great fun. The last thing I should do was tell the children to leave so the parents could have serious God time. So I changed plan to a full-on all-age interactive retelling of the story of Rahab, Jericho, the promise of salvation with the symbol of the red rope that Rahab put out her window, the walls falling down supernaturally but the one house with the red cord dangling from its window staying standing, and Rahab being grafted into the people of God.

Then we put the small piece of red cord on the ground and I said (all through translation!) this represents just a very small part of the enormous red rope of Christ’s blood and love that is circling the world again and again. Everywhere in in every time zone there are people praying for those they love and attaching their prayers to the same truth, the same cord of God’s love. We can just attach our prayers here in this hidden room, but we are also joining with millions around the world praying for others. We just have to imagine the rope going on at both ends.

Then children and adults together started to pray, writing prayer tags and adding them to the cord. Very profound. Wonderfully all age. Clearly the original plan of God!

The evening continued with a great prayer time for the children. The Holy Spirit gently resting on them. One of those praying suggested they opened their hands and asked for God’s gift, waiting until the Father gave it to them. Ah, the complications of working with children. The older children got the idea of a symbolic gift/conceptual thinking!… but one of the little ones, having waiting a very long time with their hands open, standing absolutely still, opened their eyes and asked, “Why hasn’t God given me a gift?” He was expecting a toy to miraculous arrive in his hands. Aagh. Oh well. A bit of explaining to do! the complications of All age worship…