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Someone asked me this week if I could remind them why I was carrying a Red Rope and what it means. So I have rewritten the first entry on this blog and here it is:

red rope logo

“In 2004 I felt strongly lead by the Lord to lead a prayer event in Tenerife. We (the Grassrooots Trust – grassroots.org.uk) were running a drop in centre (thelivingroom.es) among the clubland workers. We needed to pray. The Holy Spirit had shown us the island groaning with all the sin in the communities around the island and seemed to say that we needed to take a symbol of the Blood of Christ to everywhere. In doing this we would allow him to bring his mercy there. The symbol of the blood of Christ was a RED ROPE.

We – a small team at first and then more and more joined us – carried it as we walked the whole way round the island. We were invited to join with over 30 churches. As we met we used the rope as a focus of our prayers. People wrote the names of those who needed prayer on labels and attached them to the rope. We then stood around the rope and prayed for the names on labels which other people had written.

Soon the rope became a symbol with multiple meanings. It represented the blood of Christ, the red cord that Rahab put outside her window in Jericho, the prayers of so many people for those they love and a remarkable symbol of the unity of Christians from multiple different churches, nations and languages. Amazing things happened.

So why am I telling you this today?

Recently I was praying and asking if the Lord wanted me to walk and pray in Tenerife again. He clearly showed me that the season for me to do that was over, but that there was something more he wanted me to do with the Red Rope. He seemed to indicate that Tenerife was like a small model of the whole world. A place with great beauty, but where there was great sin and so need for great mercy. It was like the Holy Spirit said that Tenerife was the practice run.

Now I should get a new Red Rope and take it everywhere I go in the whole world. He seemed to suggest that I should tell people what I am doing and actively ask people if I can bring the rope and lead a time of prayer. Once welcomed, I should tell the story of Rahab, and of the good news offered through the blood of Jesus, and I should lead acts of prayer for our friends and families. As people cling to the rope together I should point them to the fact that Christians from multiple backgrounds cling to the same Blood of Jesus in order to receive the same grace and the same mercy from the same God.

So, in obedience, I have got hold of a new red rope. I am taking it wherever I go. Where it is impossible to get the large rope through customs I am taking the red rope in spirit, looking for some of symbol that reflects the same idea and allows a similar response.”

So, if you have more wisdom for me or would like me to bring the red rope in your direction please do get in touch: hugo@grassroots.org.uk