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We have had an amazing time these last two days in Tanzania. So far we have had 5 meetings where we have met the children, the adults, the churches and those involved in the Grassroots sponsorship programme – the first of 13 locations we are visiting before next weekend. The crowds of people who are hunger to learn, to pray, to meet Jesus and smile, dance, sing …. All very wonderful!

In each location the local Christians have lead the crowd I singing and dancing. Then I have been asked to share the meaning of the red rope. The main part of my message has been that it is a symbol of the blood of Christ  which can be held as a faith act/prayer asking God for it to open heaven for us either for the first time or again and again. I have told (or got the children to act out the story of Rahab being redeemed from the condemned city of Jericho by putting her faith in a red rope – even though she had very limited knowledge of why God would see a red rope as means of her redemption. People have then come and prayed. Passionate prayers! And then some more prayer for friends and relatives by adding tags to the rope with the names of the person they want God to save or bless.

When we arrived at the last of three locations yesterday we found a small church building and a large crowd. We met with the crowd in the street. They sang and danced. I explained the red rope and then offered to everyone, young and old, from whatever tribe or tongue to join us holding onto the role as a sign we wanted to claim the blood of Jesus. Almost all wanted to do it. The team laid out the rope inside the church building and people went inside in groups and started to pray. During the first group praying I walked over to the window from outside. Even metres away the hum of prayer was amazing. It was like a low throb that rose and lowered and shook the ground and walls and air. Amazing feeling. God in his people crying out. Crying for themselves, their friends. Their community. Those they love. A hive of prayer.


Today we are offs to three more locations. Each one has been different. And yet each the same. Excitement. Passion. Eagerness to receive and do what is offered. Lots of seriousness. Lots of smiles. These people are amazing, open, generous and ready to allow God move in them, on them and though them. An example to so many in more cynical parts of the world!

(more photos on my Facebook page : https://Facebook.com/hugo.anson )