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feeding-programme_22517912173_oTomorrow morning I am off to Tanzania with Rob Anderson and Andy Myall to bring the Red Rope to each of the “locations” that we work in over there. In each “location” (there are 13 at the moment but two more planned)  Grassroots works with the church to support children and families through church, child sponsorship and other development and prayer programmes. Over the years the International team (mostly from the UK but also some Kenyans, Americans, Romanians, Latvians and some from other European countries) have served with the Grassroots Tanzania team to bring a combination of ministry to people including practical help which is given purely on the basis of need rather than on the basis of any religious affiliation.

But…. we also long that everyone everywhere should come to know Jesus, his love for them and benefit from his forgiveness and the release of his kingdom in their lives.

So this trip is all about sharing the message of the Red Rope. It represents the Blood of Jesus, which is the heart of the power God has provided to reconcile us to him and save us. (Romans 5:10) We will also share about Rahab (who hung a red cord from her window and so received the promise to be saved from death when the walls of Jericho fell… but also became one of those in the bloodline of Christ – Joshua 2 and Matthew 1:5) and a number of other parts of Scripture that pick up the theme of the Red Rope of Christ’s Blood, its power for those who receive it and the necessity for all to receive it.

In response people will pray. They may come and hold the rope as a symbol that they want Jesus’ blood to save them. They may write a name on a tag of someone else they want Jesus to help or they want to persuade to submit their life to Him. I’m not really sure how it will work in some of the situations but the heart of it is we will pray together that we would be right with God and that his Gospel will spread to those we love and know.

The Grassroots Tanzania team is really excited about what they sense God is about to do through this time. They are expecting people to come to know Jesus for the first time, people to come back to Jesus and be forgiven, people to be healed and, most of all, a major wave of prayer and God’s mercy to flow over the communities they serve.

Please join with us over these days and pray all that will happen and more!